Image of my team members (left — Hannah, middle — Kennia, right — Sammy)
Image of our design process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and iterate



Image of our affinity map sorted in buckets: resources used in career exploration, preferences, values, wants, and challenges

Problem Statement

Competitive Analysis

Image of our competitive analysis (pros and cons listed)

Comparative Analysis

Image of interactive AI questionnaire from Lemonade
Image of progress bar feature from CareerExplorer
Image of mentor profile layout from Microsoft Reach


Image of persona Sebas Villa
Image of persona Vanessa Lui


User Journey

Image of Vanessa’s user story
Image of Vanessa’s user flow


Image of sketched onboarding process
Image of sketched homepage
Image of sketched career page


Image of homepage wireframe
Image of career match page wireframe
Image of career assessment questionnaire page wireframe



Image of careercafé homepage
Image of careercafé assessments page
Image of careercafé career match page
Image of careercafé mentors page
Image of careercafé mentors about page
Image of careercafé mentors review page
Image of careercafé mentor booking confirmation page


Image of feedback on issues of our platform and our iteration implementation


Special Thanks



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